Classroom-Academic Grant Program Application

Staff Grant Application (pdf)


Staff Grant Application (doc)


Classroom-Academic Grant Program Overview


To assist the  instructors of Washington High School in providing quality instruction  and unique learning experiences for their students.

How can this be achieved?

The Alumni  Foundation is looking to fund things that would not be covered by a  district/school budget or where that budget falls short. It could be  paying for a substitute so a class can go on an educational field trip,  art supplies (clay, paint), and science needs in the lab, et cetera.  We’re sure there are many needs to be funded, and we are seeking ideas  from administrators and instructors.

Application Process

Instructors and/or staff complete a simple form asking basic questions to fulfill their academic needs:

-- Describe the needed materials, or proposed activity, and estimated cost.
-- Outline the student learning outcomes that would be facilitated and the number of students who would benefit.
-- Share any prior activities or partnerships that have benefitted students.
-- Obtain approval of the Department Chair.
--  The Alumni Foundation Board members will review the application and may  invite the instructor to attend an Alumni Foundation Board Meeting for  an interview and final approval.

Funding Your Request

The funds will be provided to the school and/or directly to the instructor depending on the extent and benefits of the request.

Follow Up

The instructor  will provide the Alumni Board with a very brief report on the outcome of  the activity or impact of the materials/equipment purchased. Ideally,  this information will accompany photographs of the students engaged in  the facilitated activity, and could perhaps be reported in the school  newspaper, the Hatchet, and the Alumni Foundation website to raise  awareness among students, staff and alumni.

Recently Funded Grants

2016 - Resource Teacher: white board markers, world atlas, post-it notes and pocket folder-portfolios - $225

2016 - Core Support: 2 HP Chromebooks to assist in curriculum delivery for students with learning disabilities - $600

2018 - School Library: Color Laser Printer and Toner for use for all students - $900

2019 - School Library: Computer table with cord management system - $850